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by: kapsta1049   (10/08/2004)

*M12 Warthog Light Reconnaissance Vehicle w/damage repairs + gun turret ammunition: $750,000
*SPARTAN II MJOLINR Battle Armour: $1.25 million
*M9 HE-DP Grenades, M6D Pistol w/ ammunition, MA5B Assault Rifle w/ ammunition, M90 Shotgun w/ ammunition, S2 AM Sniper Rifle w/ ammunition, M19 SSM Rocket Launcher w/ ammunition and a gun permit to use them all: $2.75 million
*Using all of the above to wipe out an entire Covenant army...while having fun doing it: PRICELESS

There are just some things money can't buy, and for those things there's MasterCard. Assisting you in your military expenses from 1995 all the way to 2552.
1,463 Clicks

by: zmander313   (10/24/2007)

so halo 3 has been out and i havent left my basement, eaten,or went to the bathroom in 5- 7 days. my 360's light turned purple and flickers every now and again the master chiefs suit is brown the arbitor is currently fighting a flea infection my dog hasnt been fed in a week. i think my dad left the family my mom went crazy, my girlfriend left me, 2 of my controllers have melted only 1 left, my other games are getting jealous, the church excommunicated me,i lost all friends,my pants have fused with my skin,i have gone blind in 1 eye,3 toes have fallen off, my gamerscore goes down for some reason,i missed my grandpappys funeral and i am constantly using the words noob and pwned...all worth it to play halo3
1,385 Clicks

by: HeWhoIsDarkness   (07/31/2004)

"Pyro, I've been thinking... I mean, here we are, at yet another gaming trade show. Every year, it's the same thing. Game shows, lan parties, Nothing ever changes. Don't you ever think that there might be more to life than just games?"
"You mean, like finding a girlfriend, getting out of debt, moving ahead in our careers, stuff like that?"
"There was a sim game about that, wasn't there?"
"Yeah, it sucked."
"'Nuff said."
- Pyro and Largo from Megatokyo
1,361 Clicks

by: Eskimoboy5000   (03/03/2007)

RuneScape is my friend, It will always be, even to the end. Even my deepest woes RuneScape can mend, Because RuneScape is my friend. You might make friends and rivals on the way, And you know they will last, even to the next day. With friends, n00bs can be uber if they stay in the fray, It will help in the long run, for they will know what to say. RuneScape holds a multitude of quests, Thus receiving rewards, like many chests. A stranger may unexpectedly ask for help, And a heroic adventurer would do the request without a single yelp. People across RuneScape test their valor in combat, Whether it is a duel against the Kalphite Queen or a rat. You feel the taste of victory when your enemy hits the ground flat, Or you may taste the bitterness of defeat and yell, “Drat!” One treasure every adventurer seeks is money, The poor find it difficult; the rich find it funny. Someone who believes money is necessary for success is a dummy, But when you lose your hard-earned money, you have the right to feel crummy. RuneScape presents a variety of fun skills, But to bring all to 99 like Zezima takes will. Your skill training is mostly just a simple drill, But when you are about to level up, you feel yourself going for the kill. RuneScape is my friend, It will always be, even to the end. Even my deepest woes RuneScape can mend, Because RuneScape is my friend.
1,354 Clicks

by: Adellyta   (06/08/2008)

No! Don't message me! Right now I am fighting an epic battle of good versus evil where it is my job to keep all of my allies alive. If you message me then my tank will go down, which means the very large and nasty thing he was fighting will devour our cloth wearing companions, and if they die there is no way I could possibly take it down myself without running out of mana and dying bravely and beautifuly in the end... So think about it, is your message really worth all the lives that would be spent just because you can't wait to tell me something that I'm sure is of no importance? Yup that's right, I'm playing Warcraft...
1,347 Clicks

by: Yerinder   (05/22/2007)

What if life were like an RPG? Just think about it,
1) If you lived in a small village and were treated as an outcast. then you would be destined to save the world someday.
2)Any cut, illness, bruise, mental deficiency, hacked off limb or whatever could be cured by sleeping at an inn.
3)There would only be about 8-12 cities in the whole world. overpopulation would not be a problem!
4)Small woodland creatures such as rabbits and squirrels would attack in a bloodthirsty rage, but carry pure gold on them. You also grow stronger, smarter, faster and learn how to do magic just by mercilessly killing small innocent creatures.
5)You could walk into anyones house and take their most prized possessions and they would just be sitting around the table saying the same sentence over and over...
6)Your pockets would hold 1,000,000 different items, but only 99 of each
7)If you died, then all you would have to do is load where you last saved.
8)Every city in the world, whether it be the flying city of angels to the underground village of moles, would accept the same currency.
9)Once you bought something, its value would immediately be reduced by half. And finally...
10)No one in the world would ever have to eat, sleep, or go to the bathroom O.o
1,347 Clicks

by: enity431   (07/14/2004)

Video games don't affect kids. I mean, if Pac-Man affected us as kids we'd all be running around in dark rooms, listening to repetitive electronic music and munching magic pills.
-Kristian Wilson, Nintendo, Inc, 1989
1,335 Clicks

by: Jillbug   (03/05/2004)

Sure, let's say I'm gaming . . . if it'll get you to leave me alone
1,330 Clicks

by: GreenHobo21   (11/13/2004)

"Halo 2 is a lot like Halo, only it's Halo on fire, going 130 miles per hour through a hospital zone, being chased by helicopters and ninjas... And the ninjas are all on fire, too."
- Jason Jones, Bungie Studios
1,328 Clicks

by: Geoff   (02/26/2004)

Tug the toy, fiddle with the joystick... you know what I'm doing... playing video games, of course. brb
1,325 Clicks

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