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by: macmarge   (12/27/2005)

Maldives is such a sexist country... I mean, why else would their capital be Male?!
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by: xowaitnbleedxo   (12/27/2005)

Q: What did the blonde say when she looked in the box of Cheerios?
A: Ooooh.....donut seeds!!
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by: cooltohate1130   (12/27/2005)

I can so be a weatherman. You only need to know two things:
1. There is a 50% chance of rain. It might rain, it might not.
2. Tonight's forecast, dark.
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by: cocoa3h   (12/19/2005)

Three Women and Microchips
Three Women – one German, one Japanese and a hillbilly – were sitting naked in a sauna. Suddenly there was a beeping sound. The German woman pressed her forearm and the beep stopped. The others looked at her questioningly. “That was my pager”, she said. “I have a microchip under the skin of my arm.”
A few minutes later, a phone rang. The Japanese woman lifted her palm to her ear. When she finished, she explained, “That was my mobile phone. I have a microchip in my hand”.
The Hillbilly woman felt decidedly low Tech, not to be outdone. She decided she had to do something just as impressive. She stepped out of the Sauna and went to the bathroom. She returned with a piece of toilet paper hanging from her behind. The others raised their eyebrows and stared at her.
The Hillbilly woman finally said, “Well, will you look at that, I’m getting a fax.”
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by: Korei Ryuu   (12/19/2005)

I try to think that in every Canadian, there is an American screaming "This place sucks ass."
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by: King of Sorrows   (12/19/2005)

Can you read this?

O S A R!
'L I B

It says: "Those are ducks." "Are Not" "Oh yes they are, see their wings?" "Well I'll be, those are ducks!"
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by: soupy56   (12/11/2005)

How do you scare a bee?
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by: Red Fred   (12/06/2005)

Two casino dealers are at the craps table when a cute blonde comes over and says, "I want to bet twenty thousand dollars on a single roll of the dice. But, if you don't mind, I'd I feel much luckier if I were completely nude." They say fine, she strips naked from the neck down, and rolls the dice. Then she screams, "I won! I won!" She starts jumping up and down, hugs each of the dealers, and then picks up her money and her clothes and walks away. For a minute the two dealers stare at each other. Then the first one says, "What did she roll, anyway?" The second dealer says, "I don't know. I thought you were watching."
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by: Red Fred   (12/06/2005)

A blonde walks into a library and says, "Can I have a burger and fries?" The librarian says, "I'm sorry, this is a library." So the blonde whispers, "Can I have a burger and fries?"
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by: Red Fred   (12/05/2005)

There was a married blonde who was very concerned about her stupidity to her husband, so she decides to make it up to him by painting the house while he's at work.
When her husband came home, the house was suspiciously green and smelled like paint, so he went to her wife to see what's going on. When he went in the bedroom, she was still painting while she was wearing a ski jacket over a leather jacket. The husband said "I like what you did to the house, but why are you wearing a ski jacket over a leather jacket?" The blonde responds "When I was reading the instructions on the can, it said 'FOR BEST RESULTS, USE TWO COATS!'"
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