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by: paultjessup   (09/24/2004)

After a night of too much drinks and spirits, thou must kneel, embrace thy throne and give sacrifice to thine porcelain god!
-Jon 3:16 a.m.
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by: lostprophet2242   (09/15/2004)

"Oh, alcohol may seem attractive, kenny. But she is a cruel mistress! She invites you in with an intoxicating kiss on the lips, then she plunges her tongue down your throat and rips out your very soul!"
-Vic Romano, MXC
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by: Anonymous   (09/13/2004)

0 to Horny in 2.5 beers
1,321 Clicks

by: truebluezsparkle   (08/25/2004)

I'm NoT dRuNk; yOu ShIlLy SiT...:)
1,315 Clicks

by: glebs   (08/22/2004)

Save the ales!
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by: Sisqo   (08/15/2004)

Happy hour starts in: 3..............2................1................
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by: imdashit   (08/03/2004)

"Why don't we get drunk and screw?"
-Jimmy Buffett
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by: metallica11235   (07/20/2004)

Man cannot survive on Jägermeister alone. Who's buyin the pizza?
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by: smarthop540   (07/01/2004)

I'm not here right now, and no I'm not drunk. I'm just a naturally loud, friendly, and clumsy person!
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by: lil babie xox   (06/30/2004)

Things that are hard to say when you're drunk:
obsession succession luxury suspicious consumption

Things that are REALLY hard to say when you're drunk:
condemnation microscopic confrontation platonomy spectacular

Things that are down right impossible to say when you're drunk:
No, of course I don't want to have sex!
I think I'll go home now, it's getting late.
No, I don't want anymore beer!
Please don't kiss me, I don't even know you!
No I couldn't possibly sing, I'd be too embarrassed!

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