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by: Anonymous   (12/06/2007)

Life's awkward~
Deal with it~
Emo/Real Life
1,300 Clicks

by: macmarge   (11/27/2007)


... this might become time consuming.
Emo/Real Life
1,300 Clicks

by: eersfan   (11/15/2007)

Life is short so you should grab life by the nuts and run with them.
Emo/Real Life
1,304 Clicks

by: bored2death   (11/15/2007)

Death, God's greatest gift,
Life, God's greatest amusement.
Love, man's source of bliss,
Love, man's source of sorrow.
Happiness, a pigment of our imagination, to describe what we desire,
Anguish, what hides behind a smile, to disguise what really lies.

A man's peace as death awakes,
A baby's cry as it awakes the very first time.
The heart throbs as he falls for the one he loves,
The heart shatters as her words of woe fall from within her lips.
Our laughter and joy are our dreams of life,
Our despair and tears are our reality of life.

People say, "What of hell?"
I say, "What of life?"
We say, "I love you"
She says, "Just leave and go"
They know not the truth, they know happiness,
You know not the lie, you know that word is nothing but a word.

Angel of Death, where may you be?
God of life, shame on thee.
Cupid of love: aims, shoots, and hits,
Cupid's arrow of love/ tranquilizer of cries, in time shall dwindle to bits.
Santa Clause, bring me toys of joy
(Novocain of pain),
Father Time, speed it up, F*&K! Bring it on, cause life SUCKS!

Please, Oh please, kill me now.
Please, Oh please, end it now…
Emo/Real Life
1,413 Clicks

by: delmar1992   (11/15/2007)

Life makes you feel good, but when you look away for a minute, it kicks you in your fat ass!!!!!!!!! 8-)
Emo/Real Life
1,305 Clicks

by: bored2death   (10/29/2007)

"When you point the finger of blame at someone else, you have three fingers pointing back at you."
Emo/Real Life
1,300 Clicks

by: Alexis   (10/29/2007)

Isn't it ironic? We ignore the ones who adore us, adore the ones who ignore us. Love the ones who hurt us and hurt the ones that love us.
Emo/Real Life
1,305 Clicks

by: sumguy   (10/24/2007)

What's my problem
Here's my problem
My problem is that I'm Too visual to be blind
Too audiological to be deaf
Too ideological to be in peace
Too compassionate to be in war
Too crazy to be sane
Too sane to be lazy
Too emotional to be you
Emo/Real Life
1,306 Clicks

by: macmarge   (10/17/2007)

Why do those of us who live to love the unattainable persist with so much passion?
Emo/Real Life
1,300 Clicks

by: bored2death   (10/17/2007)

Real life SUXS!!!! ><

... Ima go play w/ knives o.o
Emo/Real Life
1,306 Clicks

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