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by: syro   (06/29/2005)

"You know Leo didn't like phones. He said he could hear voices in them."
-Kelso, That 70's Show
1,305 Clicks

by: xXXpunxrockrXXx   (12/29/2004)

Holy SHIT! My Celly has VIBRATE?? Hm... I'll be back in a minute... Best Phone Sex EVER!
1,300 Clicks

by: big mo   (12/29/2004)

If you're sexy and you know it, call my cell!
1,300 Clicks

by: RckabillyRebel13   (11/27/2004)

Your IM is very important to us. Please stay online. A representative will be with you momentarily.
1,317 Clicks

by: FatBoyFat   (11/15/2004)

Suicide hotline, please hold...
1,314 Clicks

by: mealriyse   (11/04/2004)

My phone is on vibrate, in my back pocket, and I'm ready for my butt massage... SO CALL ME! :*
1,300 Clicks

by: aCrumbl1ngEffigy   (11/01/2004)

The Ear bone's connected to bone
1,305 Clicks

by: sweetnsour13212   (10/22/2004)

[on the phone]
Chris Griffin: So, what are you wearing?
Chris Griffin: Wow! I bet you can see right through that.
Lois Griffin: Chris, who are you talking to?
Chris Griffin: Grandma.
1,302 Clicks

by: ~*ßeNjI*~   (08/17/2004)

We tried phone sex once,
But the holes were too small...
1,300 Clicks

by: falling 24x star   (06/18/2004)

Sticking the phone up my butt and making a BOOTY CALL!
1,310 Clicks

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